Wednesday, July 2, 2014


So, Harrison has rediscovered his leap pad camera.  Here are some of the pictures he has taken in the last 24 hours. I'll give him one thing, he sure can get people to smile. Except his best friend Cameron who does not smile for the camera.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Getting Ready Again

Once again, it has been a while. Things have been kind of crazy.  We moved and we are expecting a baby girl real soon. Harry is preparing for his role as a big brother and has been trying to do more things for himself. This morning he made his own breakfast. I helped him crack the eggs and to put them from the pan to his plate, but he did the rest himself.
He is still amaizing me everyday.  Although he is testing his boundaries more and more, he still has time tobe sweet.  Yesterday we were sitting on the couch watching Toy Story.  He walked over to me and said," You better give me a hug." I don't know why he felt the need to be so demanding.  I would have hugged him even if he didn't ask, but it made me laugh.  His birthday is coming up in a month and I'm just.  The baby is due the day after his birthday, but is expected to be coming early.  I just hope that I am home for Harry's birthday and not in the hospital.

We've been trying to get ready for the baby.  I have hit the nesting stage and I feel the need to make sure that everyone is taken care of.  Like I did with Harry, I have felt the need to make stuff. I made this dress for our baby girl.

I need to iron it because it just came out of the dryer, but you get the idea. It's the first dress I ever made and it is the first time I have done a pocket, so I'm pretty pleased, but it is a little sloppy. I'd like to start making more clothes, but I'm not anticipating having much time.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of Harry.
Hunting Easter Eggs at Aunt Weswie and Uncle Dabid's House

Sampling the goods

Helping get the garden ready to plant

I think this is self explanatory

Riding the train with Daddy

Anticipating the train

Monday, January 14, 2013

Moving Forward

This was a very eventful week for the McInroe's. We sold our house and we found out where we will be moving.  However, the week was also full of sickness and rain, so most of the week was spent doing this
I'm aware that there are no sheets on the bed.  That is because they were being washed for the second time that week. Harry was very nice to me while I was sick.  He was perfectly happy to lay around and watch The Magic School Bus or the Brave Little Toaster over and over while I rested.  I normally do not allow so much tv, but there are times where there is no other option. Harry enjoyed me being sick, I think.  He thought it was so fun following me into the bathroom and having his turn to "spit in the toilet." I tried to explain that it was not a game and he would not be so happy if he felt the way I did.  Luckily, he never found out.
So, we have a lot to do in the next few weeks.  I don't know when we are moving or how it will happen.  I guess those are the joys of military life. But we are excited for our new area. I haven't talked to Harry much about it but I think he senses that we are going to be much closer to the coast. At church yesterday he was pretending that the pew was the beach and the ground was the deep water that he was swimming in.  I think he's going to love it. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Harry Christmas to all!

I'm am awful at documenting this time in Harry's life.  We spent Christmas and New Year's at my parents' house in Mississippi since Jordan was there for A school. I forgot my camera, so there is not documentation. Well, I have a couple on my phone.  These aren't from Christmas, these are when we arrived at my parents' house.  Santa had made a previsit to Harry for being such a good boy. Between Santa and my family, Harry was pretty spoiled this Christmas. Here he is with his truck. 
He was really proud of himself when he was riding it. It took him a while to get the steering, but he loved it. Sometimes I think he ran into stuff on purpose. He also enjoyed giving the truck gas (It has horrible gas mileage.  It would go about 10 feet per tank) and fixing the tires and engine.  He understands the responsibility of owning such a vehicle.

Harry had a great time playing with his Aunts and Uncle, Mimi and Grandpa, and, of course, his Daddy. He loves having lots of people to throw him around. He still managed to tire everyone out before he was satisfied.  I loved it when Jordan talked about having to go back to work and Harry said "Don't go back to work, Ever!"   He misses the silliness that I just can't give him.

We also found out that Harry will be getting a baby sister.  She is due the day after his birthday.  He's starting to warm up to the idea since he went to the ultra sound.  He wanted her to come out, but we told him that she had to stay in my belly to grow tall. He seemed ok with that.

Unfortunately Harry and I were sick for most of the the holiday season.  We couldn't enjoy much of the outdoors of Mississippi this year due to rain and our own congestion.  Harry didn't seem to mind being inside playing with all his new toys.  He especially loved the scooter from his Aunt Sarah. I didn't mind the spoiling so much, since he was sick.  Some of the days it was really awful.  He was really miserable.  It's hard for a parent to see their kids sick, but Harry adds extra guilt.  He would say "Make me happy, mommy. I want to be happy.  Make me better."  I tried to explain that I would do everything in my power to make him happy.  If I could suck out all the sickness to my body, I would, but I don't think science has discovered a way to do that. It's been almost a month and he still isn't better, but I'm hoping we are at the end.  He seems to be less snotty everyday.

1/13/2013 Update
More musical brilliance.  On the way home from church today Chopin's Sonata no.3 was on the radio. Harry said.  "Piano, Piano song, mommy."  It's cool that he can pick out a piano. I don't think he can do it for any other instruments though.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The nighttime drama continues.  I took several steps back this week as both Harry and I were sick.  I didn't have energy to deal with it, so next week we will start again and it will not be fun.  But I don't want to be negative. 
I'm going to make a prediction about Harry. I think he is going to be very musical when he is older.  He loves to sing and he is starting to make up his own songs about whatever is going on.  They don't have very complicated lyrics, but they are songs nonetheless. Also, he remembers songs very well.  He remembers songs that he heard in movies and even remembers what was happening when the song was playing. For example, today we were riding in the car, listening to the traditional Christmas music station on Sirius XM.  The Vince Guaraldi version of "O Tannenbaum" came on and Harry immediately recognized it as being in Charlie Brown.  It didn't surprise me that he recognized it since he watches A Charlie Brown Christmas at least twice a day, but it surprised me was he said that Charlie Brown was going to the Christmas tree lot to find the small Christmas tree, which is exactly what is happening when they are playing that song.
Another example, is when we heard this song in a restaurant and Harry said that they were dancing in the museum, which is what happens when they play this song in Night at the Museum. He's brilliant.
This really excites me on so many levels.  I love that he has an ear for music. I love music.  I try to play the piano and guitar but I am not performance worthy by any means. I hope that he has a desire to play an instrument. Also, knowing music really helps with math skills and I have a great desire for Harry to love math as I do.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Water Boy

 I know that I have not done post in a really long time.  I feel really bad about that because a lot has happened in Harry's life that I have not recorded. A lot has happened to the whole family, but we won't go into that. Lately, Harry is an adorable two-year-old with lots of energy.  He is testing the boundaries, but most of the time is a good litle boy. The problem area is going to bed.  Now he sleeps in a toddler bed and he can easily get out and open the door to find me. Our usual routine at night consists of me putting him to bed several times. Usually I just sit outside his door and hold the handle when I hear him coming, until he gives up and stops checking the door.  When my patience can't handle the multple times of putting him to bed, I go to my room and lock the door.  He eventually gives up and goes to bed.  He's been better at coming up with excuses for me to open the door, but I rarely give in. My response is always, "Go to bed."  Tonight I was in my room and he was outside the door. I thought he was asking me for water, so I just told him to go to bed.  I heard him knocking on my door with something that I assumed to be his water bottle that I let him take to bed.  I continued to tell him to go to bed, but he was persistent.  I realized he was asking me if I wanted water.  This was a new one.  I told him to go to bed, but I opened the door out of curiosity.  Sitting in front of my door was my cup of ice that I was drinking from just before I put him to be.  He was standing inside his room with door open looking at my reaction.  Then he said, "I brought your water, mommy." It was very sweet. I hugged him, thanked him and gave him a kiss, then I told him to go to bed, which he did. He was pretty exhausted from the evening. He partied pretty hard at our ward Christmas party. I think he was running or jumping for most of the hour and forty-five minutes that we were there.  He did stop to take a seat on Santa's lap and he actually smiled for the camera.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Angel Baby

Harry is now two.  He had a great birthday.  We didn't do anything special, we mostly played with trucks and ate. He was so excited when he opened two new tractors.  If that was the only thing he got I think we would have still thought it was the greatest birthday ever.  However, I learned a lesson. Don't give a two year-old boy two new tractors before dinner if you want him to eat. I even made him tacos, which he is usually guaranteed to eat entirely, but he only took a couple bites in passing. We gave him a couple other presents after we ate cake, and he was too excited for his 8:00 bedtime.  I figured we could let it slide for his birthday. Of course, he had to sleep with his new tractors as well as the campfire from his camping set that his grandparents sent him. He seemed so grateful for his presents. He wanted to put them all in his tent, which he calls a cave and then have Jordan and I go in with him and close the door.  I guess he is used to not getting much.  We go to Target all the time and he plays with toys, but he always has to put them back.  He never complains because he doesn't really know anything different, so I guess when he saw some of these toys at home he realized that they were actually his and he wouldn't have to take them back.

Today we went to the doctor for his two year check-up. As soon as we walked into the room he knew where we were and what happens here.  He was upset the whole time.  When the doctor came in he gave Harry a Thomas sticker but Harry shook his head and said, "back."  He didn't want to accept any peace offerings from the doctor. Even though he was scared, he laid down on the table without me having to hold him down.  He realized that the doctor wasn't going to hurt him.  When the doctor said, "That's it!" Harry's whole countenance changed.  He repeated "That's it!" and pointed at the door. He even told the doctor, "thank you" as he was leaving.  He didn't have to get any shots today, but he did have to get blood drawn, which was quite traumatic. Unfortunately, Harry has inherited my small veins that are not near the surface of the skin.  Every time I have to get an IV I leave with several holes and bruises all over my arms.  Harry was brave when he saw the needle, but he couldn't hold it in once he was stuck.  I had to hold back tears and I saw the technician digging around in his arm looking for the vein. When I told Jordan about it and he asked Harry about his "ouchy" hours later he began to get upset again just remembering it. I just hope he forgets it before the next time we go to the doctor.  I don't know how I am ever going to get Harry to go to the dentist.

Harry still loves to read and he is starting to read books by himself.  He will look at books on his own for at least 15 minutes or much longer if it has tractors in it and he will read me the last few pages of his little gorilla book, where the gorilla begins to grow and grow and grow. I was astonished the first time he did it.  He doesn't do it on command, he has to be in the mood for it.  Maybe I will be lucky enough to get it on video one day.

He is still finding ways to test us.  The other day he was driving his truck into the fireplace and walls, so I took it away from him for a day.  When I gave it back he was happy and drove it around the living room several times.  Then he drove it into the couch, turned and said "take away?" At least he understood the lesson, he didn't drive it into the walls again, but he likes to be a smarty pants.

Still, I love the person that Harry is becoming.  He is such a sweet boy and I hope that never changes.  When we go to toddler time at the library we usually get there before most people. We sit and wait for the other people to get there.  Well, I'm sitting.  He is usually running in circles. As the other people come in Harry turns to me and says, "more friends!" He is definitely more social than Jordan and I.  He will talk to adults and kids wherever we are. If we are in the grocery store or a restaurant and he sees another kid it becomes his mission to get that kid to see him and smile at him. The other day we met Jordan for lunch at the mall.  As we were eating a group of kids with disabilities came in with their care givers. Harry turned around and watched them as they found a table and sat down. Then he turned back around to me and said, "more friends!" It touched my heart.  He didn't see that they were different, he only saw them as friends.  I hope that this also never changes.  I hope that Harry looks at all people as his friend automatically instead of looking for reasons to justify not being kind to them or ignoring them. It reminded me of George Albert Smith's "personal creed"  I would like to say that I live his 11 ideals, but I need work.  Harry helps me so much because he smiles at everyone. He makes me watch how I treat people and how I talk because I want to be a good example to him.  I don't want him to lose the sweet spirit that he has because of my bad habits.